Quality is number one.

Modus has a strong track record of executing distinctive successful projects. 

Quality is number one.

There is an age old saying that for a successful project you have to pick only one of: quality, budget or schedule. For Modus quality rises to the top but we view these project metrics as a pyramid. The pinnacle being quality and the base being budget and schedule. Quality is our beacon, our marker, our measuring stick so with that we view this pyramid from a top down approach. For quality to be propped up to the top it must be founded on a quality budget and schedule. Without any one of budget and schedule the pyramid topples. 

YXE Premium hangar tour

YXE Premium hangars tour. Come check out unit 22 and the clubhouse that is available for all members. 

Occupancy @SILVERTipQuarters

August 20, 2020. We passed occupancy inspections this week at Silvertip Quarters!!! Thank you to our Construction Team for completing the build in 10 months!!! 


August 8, 2020. 6 - Figure cost savings on Tenant Buildout using our 4D's Consulting system. Our client engaged us to find cost savings on a design-build price arrived at by a contractor to move their US based office to a new space. We worked with the same contractor and completed mechanical and electrical drawings to narrow down on and define scope and arrived at a six-figure cost savings on a six-figure overall budget or nearly 20%.