About US 

Modus Ventures Corp. was established by Devin Stus to follow his passion for design, architecture, engineering and business. 

Devin's experience in the industry started early with a father as a carpenter and general contractor. 

Devin completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan following his keen interest in how all things work and having been inspired by a Grandfather who was an inventor and entrepreneur.  With ambition to build a company one day Devin sought a job with a large multinational one to learn how they operate. Devin got a job with Hitachi and spent time in different positions and departments over the course of a few  years. 

An opportunity presented itself to work for a newer real estate development company mentored by successful, well respected real estate developers and entrepreneurs. Devin signed up as the second office employee and enjoyed involvement in all aspects of the business, creating processes, systems and helping take on bigger and bigger projects over the course of over 10 years.

To feed his entrepreneurial desires, on the side  Devin set up some small businesses doing residential development and rental along with construction equipment rental. 

Devin embarked full time on the entrepreneurial journey in Real Estate Development because of his passion for design, architecture, engineering and business.

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