A Saskatchewan inspired architectural marvel

The building design concept, prairie reverie, takes inspiration from Saskatchewan's vast landscape and the "Living Skies."  

The base of the building is designed using material and textures that are natural and native to Saskatchewan. Its foundation features the rustic charm of "plank-formed" concrete reminiscent of Saskatoon's iconic bridges.  The podium of the building is adorned with an artistic bronze silvered channel glass. This finish creates an appearance of the picturesque harvest-ready fields of the prairies.

 As you ascend above the fields, a sleek, modern office structure emerges, with colored energy efficent glass and metal finishes capturing the essence of the ever-changing sky, transforming the building into a dynamic, abstract representation of the region's history and natural beauty. The building's unique shape and design leverage the irregular site shape to abstractly pay homage to the structures that define the Saskatchewan landscape.



509 - 12th Street, Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Office, Retail & Food, Cultural Integration, Public Green Space


Design, Permitting, Pricing

Prairie landscape inspiration (left) / early conceptual rendering (right)

Sleek infusion of historic finishes in a modern tower

• Glass provides for sky-like appearance of the prairie landscape inspiration

• Historic rooted foundation finishes

• Articulation provides modern design  and appearance of the sharply shape structures rising up in our prairie landscapes

• Artistic glass for harvest ready field appearance

prairie reverie

Designers were inspired by the golden light of dawn and dusk on the north side of the building from March to mid-September. They incorporated features to capture and amplify the beauty of summer sunsets, drawing inspiration from nearby buildings and the reflective surfaces seen from the Broadway bridge at dusk. The design includes a façade that reflects sunset colors and changes with the sky's spectacle, creating an ethereal glow. 

 An April sunset on neighbouring buildings reflection seen in the glass of neighbouring buildings 

Meticulous attention to detail, such as the purposeful design of the north facade elements, including the overhung roof, soffit, and columns, all finished with materials to mimic the sky and create an enchanting effect. Architectural lighting was also incorporated to showcase these features at night, continuing the building's allure beyond daylight hours.

Cultural Integration

Public Art Feature - Artistic Sculptures

The goals of this unique feature:

• Providing a destination point in the community.

• An attraction for visitors to connect to Meewasin trails along different paths.

• Engages with the community.

• Connects us with history, purpose, and meaning of the artistic installation.

Nutana is known as Saskatoon's trendsetting area. The public artistic sculptures will be on display to create a destination as the pathway from Broadway Avenue to Chief Darcy Bear park, and then a connection to the Meewasin river trail system. 

Some of the sculptures are planned as perceptual art that changes as perspective changes.  

Prairie Historic Elements

Land of the Living Skies

Mirrored glass mosaic tile is planned on the ceiling of the setback area on main floor. The intention is to create a open feeling and vibrancy to the street level. This feature draws on re-creating Saskatchewan's motto as it will create a "living sky" look reflecting and refracting art, people, plants as users pass by. The fractured look is also a bird friendly design feature as it will create greater distintiction and refraction on the building glass. 

Custom railroad track benches

The wood benches atop the planters will be seated on re-purposed steel railroad track. The railroads are the most important portion of historic prairie infrastructure that connected Saskatchewan. They still act as a vital transportation method to move grain to market in the prairies. These benches will serve to connect people, similar to the rail system that connects across Canada. 

Plank formed Concrete on Saskatoon's historic bridges

Saskatoon's University and Broadway bridges are synonymous with Saskatoon's nickname, the "City of Bridges". Matching plank formed concrete is planned on the raised planter beds and exposed columns featured on the building. This provides a strong prairie foundation that grounds the building. 

A Vertical Urban Landscape

The conceptual greening of the building vertically extends to terraces and balconies. As the architecture continues to climb, so too does the planting. The planting rises up, winding from street level over the stepped pedestrian access, which is punctuated with terraced platforms that offer opportunities for rest amongst gardens. The terraces and patios among the upper levels create healthy urban environment.  The planting absorbs noise and air pollution while providing building users both, a destination and tranquil views from indoors.

Final building rendering with proposed finishes

Environment, Well-being & Health


▪Timeless, distinctive, deliberative architectural building design and exterior finishes

▪Located in Saskatoon's city center zoning distinct

▪Unmatched river and downtown views

▪Unrepeatable office location/views from having the site re-zoned for the current use

▪Unique outdoor terrace, balconies on all office floors

▪Floor to ceiling high performance glass 

▪3.5m (11' 4") high ceilings on levels five and six, up to 5.3m (17' 6") on level seven

▪Two high speed elevators

▪Indoor parking with 93 stalls to more than fit all building users and visitors

▪Best in-class customized heating ventilation and air conditioning

▪Excellence in environmental sustainability

▪Connectivity: choice of providers, fiber optic service, future readiness with conduit infrastructure

▪Walking steps from Broadway Avenue restaurants, amenities, shops and services

▪Meewasin Trail access within 100m

▪Public transportation within 100m

▪Near multiple bridges for easy downtown access

▪Fully accessible site and building

▪Close walking proximity to Saskatoon's long awaited River Landing area. This area includes the ALT hotel, Persephone Theatre, Remai Modern Art Gallery, outdoor amphitheater and Meewasin Trails


design, planning, engineering, interior renderings - Modus CREATES

exterior visual - JL Visuals